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Studying Kanji and Vocabulary

You don't have to be able to write a single kanji character in order to pass the test, so don't bother wasting your time studying how to write when you are studying. Writing out Kanji hundreds of times is not an effective study method. There are two best ways to study kanji and vocabularies.
1. Do a lot of reading. There are fairly decent textbooks and online reading materials that you can use. Another great way to study is by using Rikai.com , a homepage that will load in any Japanese homepage, and show you the pronunciation of every kanji. It even does family names and place names.
2. Make kanji worksheets for yourself. Print them out and fold the paper in half or You can also use microsoft excel. Then write out the pronunciations of all the kanji in the centre column and check them when you are finished. The secret to learning kanji is seeing them over and over in a short time every page and found it to be a very effective way of studying.


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